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Faction Report Information & Format

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:31 pm
by Theory
Faction Reports
Any questions, concerns, comments, or clarification in regards to this can be directed to the Head of Factions, Denis.

Faction reports concerning official and unofficial factions can be sent following the format below. If you are unsure whether a faction report is needed or not, contact Denis to clarify. It is recommended to use a report player section for reports that consist of 2-3 people. Anything above can be taken here if the individuals are from one single faction and the reporting party represents the faction themselves.

Format for Illegal Factions Only
Create a new thread with the format below. Please organize the evidence based on the earliest time it happened.
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[size=120]Your Information[/size]
[b]Ingame & faction name:[/b] Firstname_lastname, faction name here
[b]Faction's thread:[/b] Your faction thread URL goes here

[size=120]Reported Party[/size]
[b]Faction(s) & leader's name:[/b] Their faction name here, leader's firstname_lastname
[b]faction thread:[/b] Their faction thread URL goes here

[b]Dates of incidents[/b]:
[b]Explanation (person(s) involved, backstory, conclusion, etc)[/b]:



[b]Did you try to solve it with the reported faction's leaders before reporting? If so, what was the outcome[/b]?
Note for Legal Factions Only

Faction Reports against Legal Factions are to be sent to Denis. No formats are needed. A detailed explanation must be included, however.