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By Theory
Project Manager
Most of what I make/do I wouldn't say is too overly creative. I've been focusing on learning graphic design, video editing and CSS over the past few months/years, focusing more so on graphic design. I used to mostly use Paint.NET for image editing until I eventually put the time and effort into learning how to use Photoshop over the past few months — and boy does it feel 100x easier using Photoshop. I've felt a lot less limited in what I can do and definitely feel like what I've produced has drastically improved since I upgraded.

Examples of some of my graphics work can be seen around the community, such as our community logo and a lot of the VCPD's logos, icons, rank images, etc., such as the main department logo used.

As for video editing, I use a less-used program called Filmora9 to make mini montages, such as those I made when I played on LS-RP. I would compile action-based shootings into montages with music which I would try to edit in tune/theme with. Those can be seen still on my channel HERE.

Lastly, I've been periodically working on developing my knowledge and skill with CSS. I mostly work on editing pre-existing forum themes and touching them up to fit a vibe that suits the forum — such as the one you are most likely looking at right now. The base for the forum theme (at the time of making this topic) is FLATBOOTS, however I've gone through and adjusted a lot of the CSS to make it more fitting to the Vice City/80's Miami theme we try to achieve with the community. This is achieved trough the color pallet, vaporwave images, etc. whilst trying to avoid things feel too over the top.

Another CSS project of mine was the VCPD forum which aims heavily to replicate the real life Miami-Dade Police Department's website. The forum uses an identical structure whilst being completely unique in its HTML build. Any HTML added to the forum by me was made by me from scratch. Nothing was directly copy and pasted from the Miami-Dade Police Department aside from color hex codes and the overall header image. Obviously, some reasonable adjustments were made to the VCPD forum, mainly adjusting font sizes in places when compared to the MDPD website, so that some elements were not too "in your face". You can see a direct comparison of the two in the spoilers here:
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