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By Theory
Project Manager
Players are encouraged to report a staff member whose conduct they believe breaks server rules or misrepresents the community. All staff reports are handled by the staff member's respective team leader(s).

Ensure that you have the following when submitting a report against a staff member:
  • Their username or character name.
  • A rough time and date of the incident (i.e., "December 29th 2019, 22:45")
  • Evidence to support your report (screenshot, video, logs, audio, etc. - nobody else is responsible for retrieving evidence for you!)
Staff reports against a Helper/Senior Helper: Head of Helpers
Staff reports against a Junior Administrator/Administrator/Senior Administrator: Head of Administrators
Staff reports against a Lead/Head Administrator: Project Management

You may not report a staff member on somebody else's behalf. Players who wish to not have their username mentioned when the staff member is briefed on the report may request to be treated anonymously.

TITLE: Staff Report - Staff Member Name
Example: Staff Report - Theory
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[b]Your character name:[/b]
[b]Character names of witnesses:[/b]

[b]Staff member being reported:[/b]
[b]Date & time of incident:[/b]
[b]List all rules broken:[/b]

[b]Detailed explanation of the incident:[/b]
[b]Evidence:[/b][spoiler]Evidence here[/spoiler]
[+] Spoiler
Your character name:
Character names of witnesses:

Staff member being reported:
Date & time of incident:
List all rules broken:

Detailed explanation of the incident:
[+] Spoiler
Evidence here
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