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1. Spam/Rephrasing
Any forms of spam or rephrasing will not be tolerated and will be seen as you attempting to boost your forum post count. If a question has already been clearly answered, there is no need to come in and repeat that same answer. This does not include expanding on what someone's answered to be more descriptive — for example, if somebody answers along the lines of, "you need to install xyz," it is not against forum rules to expand on this by providing an installation link or guiding them on what exactly is needed of the install file.
- Quoting people and following it up with, "yep. This pretty much summarizes it."
- Providing the same link to the same install file.

2. Excessive Bumping
Repeatedly bumping an unanswered/unsolved topic will not be tolerated. It shall only be permissible to bump your post if you have not received an answer within 24 hours of your last post.
- Waiting 2 hours and then bumping your topic.
- Replying to somebody, telling them their answer did not help and then proceeding to bump again shortly after.

3. Repeated Topics
If somebody else already has an open topic, or one already existed recently, then proceeding to post another topic with the same problem will be seen as repeating topics. Make use of the search function before posting a topic to ensure that nobody else has recently had the same problem as you.
- Somebody has issues with their connection being rejected. You proceed to post another topic as your connection is also being rejected.
- Another person had an issue with a certain issue and had their issue resolved. You make another topic with the same issue without mentioning that the resolution provided on the other topic did not help your problem.
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