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By Theory
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Ban appeals are handled by the staff member who issued the ban in your name. In the event that the staff member who issued your ban resigns or is removed from the staff team, your appeal will be reassigned to a Senior Administrator or above depending on the rank that the staff member last held.

If your appeal was denied, you must wait the time mentioned in your appeal. If you feel that the staff member handling your ban appeal is acting unfair, you may file a staff report.

TITLE: Your Username - Banning Admin
Example: John Doe - Theory
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[b]Your in-game username:[/b]
[b]Your character name:[/b]

[b]Banning Administrator:[/b]
[b]Date & time of ban:[/b]
[b]Reason for ban:[/b]

[b]Detailed explanation of the incident:[/b]
[b]Evidence:[/b][spoiler]Evidence here[/spoiler]
[+] Spoiler
Your in-game username:
Your character name:

Banning Administrator:
Date & time of ban:
Reason for ban:

Detailed explanation of the incident:
[+] Spoiler
Evidence here
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