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1. Forum Misuse
Using the forum to troll, bash, insult, harass or cause drama creates an unwelcoming and hostile environment and will not be accepted. This includes any racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist or any other form of discriminatory comments, which will not be tolerated and will result in a forum ban.
- Making discriminative comments on any forum topic.
- Bashing a faction topic for choosing to take up a different type of roleplay.
- Calling on friends to post on a topic to harass an individual.

2. Spam
Making pointless posts on a topic that contribute nothing to the discussion, posting needlessly to boost forum post count, or double posting unnecessarily (including topic bumping in a short space of time) is considered to be spam and can be annoying to users browsing the forum.
- Spreading roleplay screenshots across three different posts as opposed to compiling them all into one reply.
- Bumping a support post after a short period of the last reply being made.
- Posting low effort replies to showcases, such as "nice," "wow," "not bad," etc.

3. Adveritizing
Advertizing other services or servers through any Vice Roleplay mediums is strictly prohibited. This includes advertizing any other Grand Theft Auto (GTA SA, GTA IV, GTA V) servers, roleplay based or not, or any paid services such as a modeler charging fees. Posting links that require users to go through advertising re-directors (such as falls under this rule.
- Advertizing a new SAMP server that you have decided you want to play on instead.
- Posting private mods in the GTA:SA Modifications sub-forum that require users to pay to receive.

4. Backseat Moderating
Users who come across a post which they believe breaks our forum rules are encouraged to report the post so that it can be handled properly by staff. Those who try to take the matter into their own hands, replying to the offending poster and calling them out on their rule break will be considered to be backseat moderating. This includes quoting staff members to call them to the post as opposed to using the report function.
- Replying to a low-effort post, telling them that their post is spam.
- Quoting a Moderator in a topic to get them to delete rule breaking posts.
- Posting replies such as "if this doesn't get you banned, I don't know what will."

5. Signatures
Any signature considered to contain offensive, unsuited content, or any signature larger than 225px in height, will result in the user's signature being disabled. Signatures with offensive content may also result in a forum warning or a ban.
- John's forum signature contains a famous, racist slogan.
- John's forum signature includes an image that is 300px high.
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