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Businesses Information

Players may open a topic in the business section and request a scripted business in game if:
  • They own at least one business property;
  • They have at least four active employees; and
  • Their business would require/benefit from receiving scripted business perks (read below).

Businesses will be monitored by the Businesses Team for what they offer to the server and how active they are. Scripted businesses receive special perks granted to them by the Business Team depending on their services. The perks granted, as well as the amount of certain things issued to a business, depends on the activity and size of the business itself. These perks include:
  • Business-rate taxed properties (less than player-owned properties);
  • Business-owned vehicles;
  • Business markers on the map when open;
  • Ability to create custom items; and
  • Access to free business advertisements.

All questions related to businesses may be directed to the Head of Businesses: Vacant.